Please note: If you do not have a working Internet connection, you will not be able to use our online application.


Our application is built on a fully web-based platform, so there's nothing to download or install. You can use our application on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer as long as you're using a supported web browser and have an Internet connection. The supported browsers are:


Browser Settings

You must also have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser.

Instructions for enabling cookies:

Note: While our application will work with older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8, we do recommend keeping your browser updated to the latest version for the best possible experience. You can download the latest version of IE here and the latest version of Firefox here. If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or greater, please make sure Compatibility View is turned off.

However, due to many problems reported with Internet Explorer, we highly recommend using a different browser.



Our application will also work on all smartphones and mobile browsers that support JavaScript. Our application detects if a user is on a mobile device and displays a mobile version automatically.


Clearing Your Cache

From time to time, you may need to clear your cache when we make updates to the platform to make sure you are using the current version. Here are instructions to clear your cache on the particular browser you use:





Firefox on OSX:


Firefox on Windows:


Safari on OSX:


Safari on Windows: