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Why Should You, Your Practice, Organization, or Business Buy Professional Liability Insurance?

Check Your CoverageProfessional liability insurance protects you and/or your practice, organization, or business if sued for malpractice. You need protection from legal action due to negligent acts, errors, and omissions on the job and from frivolous lawsuits that can be brought even years later.

Check Your CoverageWithout coverage, you could spend precious time and resources defending yourself, regardless of whether there is any merit to the claim. Professional Liability Insurance provides you with experienced legal defense and coverage for settlements or damages.

Check Your CoverageWe offer a professional policy for individuals (including students) and business policies for corporations, group practices, and nonprofits.

Check Your CoverageIf you have many offices and even offices in other states, you are covered for no additional charge.

This professional liability product is an occurrence policy form. With an occurrence, you do not have to purchase a tail or extended reporting period (ERP) coverage after the policy is no longer needed. Please review the policy carefully and discuss the coverage with your insurance agent or broker.
  • Medical Payments $5,000 per incident/$50,000 limits per policy period
  • Emergency First Aid $15,000 no incident frequency limit
  • Wage Loss & Expenses $1,000 per day/$35,000 limits per policy period
  • First-Party Assault $15,000 no incident frequency limits per policy period
  • Deposition Expenses $5,000 per incident/$35,000 limits per policy period
  • Subpoena Defense $400 limit for 1 claim per policy year
  • Sexual Misconduct $25,000 limit per policy year
  • Licensing Board Defense $35,000 per incident, no incident frequency limit (upgrade endorsements available)
  • HIPAA Records Defense $25,000 per incident (no incident frequency limit)

Available Endorsements

  • Canine Therapy Coverage up to policy limits
  • Equine Therapy Coverage up to policy limits
  • Divorce Litigation Coverage (Limit of $15,000/$15,000)
  • Third-party Data Breach Coverage (Limit of $12,000/$12,000 per year)